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Chettinad Arisi Payasam


Raw rice            - 100 gms
Grated Coconut  - 2 cup
Cardamom         - 3 coarsely powdered
Cashews           - 10
Ghee                 - 2 teaspoon
Jaggery             - 200 gms
Dried grapes      - 10 nos.

Method of preparation:

1.Wash the rice with water.
2. Take a pan and put the rice into pan then add the water.
3.Add the coconut after rice has boiled softly.
4.Add the little water to jaggery and dissolve it and filter.
5.Add it to the pan and boil it.
6.Now fry the cashew and dey grapes.
7.Add it to payasam along with the cardamom.
Arisi Payasam is ready......................








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